02 June 2014

Royal Outfits (and Royal News Updates) of the Day: June 2

When it rains (reigns, sorry) it pours in the world of royal news! This weekend's bookends were two major announcements from two countries. Two recent outfits from ladies at the center of the breaking news for our Monday then...

First up: Princess Charlene is pregnant! The long-awaited announcement came on Friday. Congrats to them! Charlene was due to accompany Albert on an official visit to the Netherlands this week, but Albert will be flying solo now. So we'll adapt and drop back to cover one of the big annual Monaco events that we haven't touched on yet, the Grand Prix.
The princely family attended the Grand Prix de Monaco on May 25th.
It's hard to go wrong with a strong, simple silhouettes, especially for Charlene. And she's even added a little extra something to her Akris dress with a red racing stripe down the center.
I see what you did there, Char. Well played.

I wasn't as enamored with her one-sleeve wonder (also by Akris, naturally) at the gala (click here for a gallery), though I am by default a fan of her in a big color. Also, I continue to want most of what's in Beatrice Borromeo's closet, so there's that.

Second: King Juan Carlos is to abdicate! The Spanish king announced Monday that he will be stepping down in favor of his son, Felipe. (Here's a BBC article.) Juan Carlos has been plagued by scandal and his own ill health in recent years, so you can count me among those that thought he might join in on the recent abdication trend. We await more details. In the Spanish spirit, here's a recent Letizia outfit...
Princess Letizia attended a language seminar on May 28th.
...and, well, they can't all be interesting. Spain may not really do the hats-n-gloves level of royal dressing (for engagements at home, at least), but what will be interesting to see is if Letizia sticks to her businesslike standard with her coming elevation to queen, or if she ups her sartorial game too. We shall wait and see...