24 June 2014

Royal Outfits of the (National) Day: June 24

National Day in Luxembourg was celebrated yesterday with a military parade, a Te Deum, and a gala reception drawing multiple members of the grand ducal family.
National Day began with a tense debate between the two leading ladies over the rights to wear dodgy hot pink outfits. Or so I like to think it did, at least.
The Hereditary Grand Duchess won out at the military parade, with a Libélula coat that I like on the whole (the Duchess of Cambridge wore the same style in black once upon a time) and a hat that seriously looked like a fuchsia peppermint candy from afar. (Which would have been kind of awesome, to be honest.)

And the Grand Duchess won out for the Te Deum later, repeating the Armani outfit she wore to Prince Félix's wedding last year. Dodgy based on excessive levels of shine alone, though I will give her that it looks less shiny on video.
And then the pink was long gone and it was time for tiaras! Maria Teresa repeated the exact same dress and aquamarine tiara we saw from her the last time she got tiara'd up, but you can always count on Stéphanie to bring something new. In this case, her tiara's a bit like the other floral tiaras in the family, but maybe not quite, so it might be something we haven't seen before. (Update: This is a never-before-seen tiara, with a butterfly motif, likely a modern piece.) I often have quibbles with Stéphanie's styling, but she's been on a mission to try new tiaras since she got married and I do love her little magpie soul for that.

Photos: Wort.lu video, and Anouk Antony/Wort.lu