17 June 2014

Royal Plumage of the Day: June 17

Yesterday was the annual service for the Order of the Garter, an occasion containing both feathers and capes, which automatically launches it pretty high on the delightful scale. My two standouts:

The Garter getup is quite the costume (you can read more about what they wear and the Queen's gems at the Vault), and it requires a certain amount of panache to pull it off. The Princess Royal handles it like a boss (that's the only way she knows how to handle things, let's be honest) and her brother the Prince of Wales does it well too, but my permanent favorite is Princess Alexandra of Kent. I like Princess Alexandra at any event, but get her in full-on Lady of the Order of the Garter mode, and she's so regal it hurts.
She was sorely missed at last year's service, so I'm extra glad to have her back this year. So elegant! So classy! So many synonyms!
Photo courtesy of the lovely @gabeyslave

In the category of People Who Are Not Princess Alexandra, I have just one thing to say: SOPHIE. Oh, Sophie.
Here's how I imagine this went down...
Edward: "You know, dear, this might be the one day out of the year when you couldn't possibly out-feather me, not even if you tried."
This is the only explanation I will accept.

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Photos: Chris Jackson via Getty Images and @gabeyslave