25 June 2014

Royal State Visit of the Day: June 25

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima are on a state visit to Poland, arriving yesterday.
State visits are a time for diplomacy...and a time for maximum sparkle wattage. A win-win situation. Queen Magpie wasted no time getting to the point on this Polish state visit, sporting a pair of diamond and ruby earrings in their longest possible form, her Tutti Frutti-style bracelet, and a ruby and diamond brooch on the shoulder of her fantastic pink dress for her arrival.
It's a lot of big jewelry for the daytime, I'll give you that, but I see how she got there. The length of the earrings balances the width of the hat, the brooch is the perfect scale to emphasize the shoulder detail, and the thick bracelet is a nice balance for the hand that stays ungloved for most of the time. (She removes one of her gloves so that she can shake hands, not because she thinks she's Michael Jackson, by the way.)

And now comes a rare statement from me: I think the day outfit was a bigger highlight than the tiara appearance in the evening. I KNOW. I have come to the conclusion that, purple though it is, this repeated Benito Fernandez dress and all its varied design details is not my favorite. I suspect it breaks the #1 commandment for gala gowns: Thou Shalt Not Detract From The Jewels.

Video: The banquet
Thankfully there's always solace in sparkle, and the Ruby Peacock Tiara will sparkle no matter what you pair it with.

Photo: Adam Nurkiewicz via Getty Images