18 June 2014

The Spanish Proclamation: The Abdication

Juan Carlos I ended his reign today, as he signed the bill of abdication in the grand Hall of Columns at the Royal Palace. The bill goes into effect (and Felipe becomes king) at midnight. (...and, as an update after my initial posting, it now is past midnight in Spain, so the change is official!)

Video: The abdication
The ceremony was short but moving, and extended applause greeted the King as he symbolically switched chairs with his son after the signing.
The King appeared quite unsteady on his feet and accepted a kiss on the cheek from an elegantly dressed Queen Sofia after the signing, before embracing his son.
It was, as expected, an understated occasion (although as it was pointed out in the live post, you can't help but have a regal event in this setting). In keeping with that, Letizia wore a repeated dress from Felipe Varela.
She did, however, use the diamond earrings she wore on her wedding day. They were a gift from the King and Queen, so it's not only a nice upgrade for a special occasion, but a nice nod to her in-laws.
Rounding out the family party, a pair of slightly squirmy infantas (judging by their mother's reactions, that is) sat to the side with Infanta Elena. Behind them sat the King's two sisters, Infanta Pilar and Infanta Margarita.

Stay tuned for updates from Thursday's proclamation! If you'd like to watch live, you can comment here on the open post.

Photos: CasaRealTV/Felipe Varela