17 June 2014

The Spanish Proclamation: Event Details

I've made a few updates to my last information post on the handover between Juan Carlos and Felipe in Spain, but here's the schedule for those that want to watch live. (RTVE.es streams live, and I'm sure there will be other options as well if the events aren't on television in your country.)

All times below are local. Here's a timezone converter.
  • Wednesday, June 18th, 6:00 P.M.: King Juan Carlos signs the bill of abdication.
  • Thursday, June 19th:
    • 9:30 A.M.: King Juan Carlos bestows the sash of Captain General on his son, now Felipe VI.
    • 10:00: The new King and Queen and their two daughters, the Princess of Asturias and Infanta Sofia, depart from the palace.
    • 10:30: They arrive at the Congress. After military honors, the Proclamation begins. The ceremony is followed by a speech from King Felipe and then a military parade. Queen Sofia, Infanta Elena, Infanta Pilar, and Infanta Margarita will be present; King Juan Carlos will stay away so as not to detract attention from the new king. Infanta Cristina won't be there either.
    • 11:30: The royal family departs, returning to the palace where they will appear on the balcony and later hold a reception.
We will have an open post here for those that want to watch live. I'll post it just before the abdication gets started on Wednesday, so if you're planning on watching, stay tuned!