10 June 2014

Tiara Watch of the Day: June 10

Tiaras haven't been out since 2011 in Spain, but they're back with a vengeance for the last state visit of King Juan Carlos' reign.
The Spanish royal family welcomed the President of Mexico and his spouse for a state visit, including a gala dinner.
Queen Sofia is wearing the Fleur de Lys Tiara - her most significant piece, the biggest possible tiara show she can put on - for the first time in several years. Huzzah! Most of the jewels she's wearing here (tiara, long collet necklace, bracelets, big earrings) are among those intended to be passed from queen to queen per Queen Victoria Eugenia's will. Heckuva last hurrah there, Sofia. Are jumpy claps not dignified enough for this stately queen? I fear not. Standing ovation then.
Meanwhile, Letizia gave us a showing of the Spanish Floral Tiara, one of the prettiest floral tiaras around (in my humble opinion). There's nothing really new here - she's repeated the exact look she wore to the abdication dinner in the Netherlands last year, with added Order of the Aztec Eagle sash from Mexico - but seeing tiaras in Spain once again is such a treat, you'll get no objections from me. (More of this, King Felipe and Queen Letizia. Pretty please?)

Photos: Getty as indicated