28 July 2014

Royal Repeat of the Day: July 28

The King and Queen of Spain visited Santiago de Compostela last week.
A gorgeous dress in the softest of pinks for Letizia last week, a color that I love almost every time because it flatters almost anyone.
And if it looks familiar, that's because this is a repeat from one very notable occasion: the 2011 wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. I have to say, I have grown to love the fact that when Letizia wears a hat (which is pretty much only at foreign royal occasions, because the hats-n-gloves thing really isn't the way the Spanish royal family operates) she wears a hat - back in 2011, she stuck just about every kind of hat ornament on the thing she could manage. But still, without the matching accessories, I'm able to pay attention to all the little details on this dress, and I'm appreciating it so much more this time around. Well played.

Photos: Carlos Alvarez via Getty Images