09 July 2014

Royal Sporting Event of the Day: July 9

The Men's Singles final at the Wimbledon Championships was held this weekend, with a variety of royals in attendance.
I'm not really a tennis fan, to tell you the truth. Well, I'm not much for the sports to start with. (Except for, like, the Olympics, which is different. Don't ask me why, it just is.) However! I happen to be a big fan of the following things: cheery little Jonathan Saunders dresses, Secret Agent Wills, and other assorted royals in shades. And that's how we arrive at Wimbledon.
The Duchess of Cambridge's Jonathan Saunders dress, repeated from their 2012 tour in Asia
If one averts one's eyes from the likes of David Beckham and Chris Hemsworth in the royal box (I know, life is hard, have a chocolate), the Cambridges were joined by other royals too:
Three cheers as always for a Princess Alexandra sighting! She was with her brother, the Duke of Kent, who is president of the club and does the trophy presentation. Just down the row, the Duchess of Gloucester (Honorary President of the Lawn Tennis Association) was in attendance, and the Kent sibling trio was rounded out nicely by Prince Michael, accompanied by Princess Michael. When ranking the royals and their sunglasses game - my kind of sport, right here - I'm going to say Prince Michael comes in second only to the Duchess of Cambridge. Agree?

Photos: Karwai Tang/WireImage via Getty Images, Matches Fashion, ESPN video