19 August 2014

Royal Outfit of the Day: August 19

Didn't take me long to get back around to Elie Saab in this little closet raiding exercise, did it? Well, that was predictable.
Sweden's Princess Madeleine sported Elie Saab Resort 2013 at her pre-wedding dinner last year.
Princess Madeleine has some cute stuff in that closet of hers beyond the gown section - there's an Oscar de la Renta white dress that I'm particularly fond of (see below) - but if there's an Elie Saab garment bag, I'm grabbing blindly.
The Oscar de la Renta dress of which I am particularly fond, on Madeleine and on the runway (with skirt lining added, an unsurprising modification from the runway).

If you could have just one thing from Madeleine's closet, what would it be?

Photos: Kungahuset/B.Grenfeldt, Style.com and Europa Press via Getty Images