22 August 2014

Royal Outfit of the Day: August 22

If the opportunity ever presented itself to peek inside Crown Princess Mary's closet...I think I'd just set up shop and stay put. Get a cot. Little camp stove. Make me a little Prada nest in which to live out the rest of my days. Yup. Actually - believe it or not - there are things in there that don't interest me, but as far as what I'd grab, I can tell you for sure this one would be on the list:
At Princess Isabella's christening.
I've always had such a soft spot for this mauve-y purple dress. It's a Birgit Hallstein creation, and I'm pretty sure I've liked every one of those Mary's worn.
The dress takes its inspiration from a Prada dress that was already in Mary's closet, but I prefer to imagine it was dreamt up in a moment of pure Liesl love.
A little bit at least, right?
Now, I know some of you would be right there with me in the Prada nest, but I trust you have nothing better to do with your Friday than contemplate my question...

If you could have one item from Mary's closet (yeah, one), what would it be?

Photos: Steen Brogaard/Kongehuset, Niels Henrik Dam/Getty Images, and 20th Century Fox