14 August 2014

Tiara Thursday: The Luxembourg Turquoise Tiara

First of all: Posting was held back by some technical difficulties yesterday, hence the radio silence. My thanks to all of you that checked in, and we're back as usual today!

The Luxembourg Turquoise Tiara
In 2008, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa appeared in a petite tiara featuring two rows of turquoise stones surrounded by diamonds, a top row of upright pear-shaped stones and a bottom row of oval stones. She was also wearing a pair of earrings and a necklace to go with the tiara. The set caused quite a bit of interest at the time, as it appeared to be something either newly acquired or newly reorganized by the grand ducal family. For once, though, this is a mystery that would be solved.
Maria Teresa (left) and Tessy (right)
As Luxarazzi relays, an article from Point de Vue cleared up the mystery: the set has in fact been around for a long time. It was likely made around the 1830s, but it was only dusted off and given to the court curator to be restored for use by Maria Teresa in 2006 along with another, larger turquoise necklace. How or why these pieces managed to stay hidden away for such a long time remains unknown, but since bringing it back to life, the tiara has been worn by both Maria Teresa and her daughter-in-law Princess Tessy. It's not the easiest tiara to wear, but since turquoise has such impact (being both bright and opaque), it works particularly well in a small form. Turquoise has always drawn strong reactions one way or the other around here, so I'm curious to know...

How do you rate this little gem?

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