26 September 2014

Royal Closet Raid of the Day: September 26

We haven't played fictional dress up in the closet of our favorite Swedish crown princess yet! I didn't know that the Duct Tape Disco Incident was going to occur, but frankly I'm glad I saved this particular closet raid, because now I really need a dose of Victoria at her best.

If I could grab just one thing from Victoria's closet for myself, it would not be one of her Elie Saab gowns.
It would be one that is Saab-esque! Unpredictable, that's me. This is from Fadi El Khoury, a Swedish couturier who was pretty new to the Swedish couture game (after working for Lanvin and Dior) when Victoria chose to give him her support.
This masterpiece was described as “a greige rosé dress with aubergine accents. The dress is made from hand-dyed double-sided silk organza with layers of hand-dyed tulle in three shades, silk threads, Lurex threads, pearls and Swarovski crystals in amethyst and pale grey opal.” Victoria's bespoke gown featured an altered bodice, sleeves included.
I know some of you weren't as moved by this one as I was, but that's okay - more for me. Victoria has a whole closet of gowns and other delicious tidbits for your daydreaming pleasure. As for me, wrap this one up, and I'll wear it to the grocery store. Yup. Don't even care.

If you could have one thing from Victoria's wardrobe, what would it be?

Photos: Vittorio Zunino Celotto via Getty Images, Fadi El Khoury, Frankie Fouganthin/Wikimedia Commons