22 September 2014

Royal Color Scheme of the Day: September 22

Jordan's Queen Rania made a color-coordinated trip to France alongside King Abdullah last week.
To meet President Hollande, an aubergine dress from Bottega Veneta. You might think her jacket has just come partly off on the one shoulder, but no, it's a whole structural thingy (technical term).
Hmm. I've been pondering this outfit, and that's what I've come up with: HMMMMM. At the least, it's one of the more interesting dresses we've seen around here in a while, no? I'll always have some credit to dole out for that.

She was on a monochrome roll, so she kept it going for the next part of the visit, reusing her purse and the shoes from above.
A slightly sleeker take this time, from Elie Saab, who heavily featured aubergine in his Fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear collection. Obviously you're not going to get an objection from me for a purple Elie Saab.
It's like a perfect Pinterest packing tip: How to Avoid Boring Color Shoes While Streamlining Your Packing! As long as we keep it purple-ish, I'm all on board.

Photos: Chesnot via Getty Images/Bottega Veneta/Queen Rania Instagram/Style.com