09 September 2014

Royal Outfit (and News) of the Day: September 9

Cambridge baby #2 is on the way! You probably hadn't heard. (Breaking news is all part of the service here. You're welcome.) Congratulations and such are in order. Okay, let me dig some fabulous maternity fashion out of the pile for our daily outfit...
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the service marking the 60th anniversary of the Queen's coronation last year.
Yes! Here we go. This Jenny Packham ensemble tops my list of Things I Would Like To See Repeated Unless She's In The Mood For All New Stuff Because That's Even More Fun. (Good thing there's not a character limit for list titles.)

Here's Harry's reaction. Spoiler alert: He's happy.

And possibly most happy of all about being knocked down one more rung on the succession list...? Slow claps for that awkward question.

Photo: WPA Pool via Getty Images