18 September 2014

Royal Outfit of the Day: September 18

This one's for those of you that complain that I think Mary never puts a foot wrong.
Video: The Danish royal family attended a dinner for the Red Cross last week.
Several steps wrong, this. A textured mustard dress is a hard sell on its own, if you ask me, and that's before you start throwing accessories at it. And the accessories are where I focus my scrunchy face: a statement cuff and a statement belt and a statement pair of earrings and a statement feather clutch. That's a lot of statements, my friend. (And they don't necessarily agree with each other, these statements, as the clutch and the earrings are frilly and intricate and the belt and cuff are strong and structural.) It looks a lot better in video, mainly because you have less time to see all of those accoutrements. (But click here for a gallery anyway, if you like.)
The dress, from Hugo Boss (per Styleofmary)
With that out of the way, we can talk about the outfit that really needs our attention: Henrik, of course. DaisyMobile-driving Henrik and his BOLO TIE. (Sidebar: The Wiki page on the bolo tie amuses me greatly. They are easy to make from attractive flat objects such as Christmas tree ornaments or refrigerator magnets! Excellent.) I hope he wears it for the fictional dinner party I plan on inviting him to, because I have QUESTIONS.
In other news, Joachim and Marie are there (bless her heart, she looks nice, but she's blending into the background) and Daisy pulls out the surprise best-dressed of the night with a dress that flatters her waist just right, each and every one of the thousand times she's worn it.

Oh, and by the way: Heads up, Canada! Mary and Fred have arrived on your fair shores for a visit. Catch 'em if you can, and report back if you do! Yesterday was day 1.
I love it when they do the classic family album pose. "And here we are in Ottawa, kids..."

Photos: Hugo Boss, BilledBladet video, Sonia Recchia via Getty Images