29 September 2014

Royal Outfit of the Day: September 29

In Denmark, the Crown Prince and Crown Princess presented their annual culture prizes this weekend.
Oh, I do like when we get a spot of sparkle to start our week off right.
Bringing us the glitter is Mary, dutifully using her repeated pink Prada dress as an excuse to wear as many pieces of her ruby parure as she can get away with at an event where the dress code didn't even bother with tuxedos: the ring, bracelet, small pendant version of the earrings, and two hair pins.
All of which sounds like a lot, when you list it out, but it's really not too much in practice. I mean, right? I don't think I'm just blinded by my love of jewels here. It's just pleasantly glittery. (Her shoes were glittery too, which was the perfect choice.) You know I love it.

Photos: Jakob Boserup/Bikubenfonden and DR via Creative Commons; DR video