30 September 2014

Royal Outfit of the Day: September 30

Video: This weekend, Queen Mathilde and daughter Princess Elisabeth attended the Genee International Ballet Competition in Antwerp.
I should like this. Full skirt with an unexpected and interesting tone on tone enlarged snake print detail, killer earrings (look at the sparkle on video!). And yet. AND YET.
Click the link above for a gallery.
Well, this falls into all the sneaky traps of using shiny fabric, doesn't it? Each wrinkle, each area that could use better tailoring, it all gets magnified. The high neckline and unadorned front make one serious wall o' shine. It just seems...stiff, on the whole.
I'd probably love this in coat form, so you could have a non-shiny dress underneath to break things up, or maybe if the neckline wasn't so high and plain. What say you?