05 September 2014

Royal Outfits of the Day: September 5

Crown Princess Victoria has been out and about several times recently, with varying levels of sartorial success. I think she might be trying to step out of her comfort zone a bit, and at the very least, that gives us something to chat about. A big helping of Victoria appearances it is:

Attending a Baltic Sea Seminar last week.
The first problem with encouraging the abandoning of the comfort zone is that the best look here is this one, and it happens to be the safest choice of all. Can't go wrong with a simple sheath dress, can you?
The dress is from Ril's.

Celebrating the 1000th anniversary of the Skara Diocese last weekend.
Mixing patterns and prints can be fun! And it can also be risky! Like, uh, this right here. The dots and the stripes have declared war on each other and my eyes are the primary victims.

Awarding the Junior Water Prize in Stockholm this week.
Also a risky move: tea length skirts. I like the skirt, but I think everything else needs to be even simpler than this to make it work, starting with the Wilma Flintstone necklace. (The shoes can stay, I suppose. They're Ralph Lauren, also worn by Princess Madeleine for a magazine shoot.)

Attending a seminar in Stockholm yesterday.
First: She wore this skirt last week too! Reuse. See, and you thought no one was listening to Mette-Marit. Second: I absolutely had a moment, when first seeing this in tiny thumbnail format, where I thought this might be an acid wash jean skirt. Now that would be a step out of the comfort zone.
Lace and grosgrain banding/acid wash denim, same/same. Skirt from By Malene Birger.

Photos: Ragnar Singsaas, Anna Lu Lundholm, and Ivan da Silva via Getty Images/Ril's/By Malene Birger