25 September 2014

Royal Trip of the Day: September 25

'Tis that time of the year when royals and dignitaries alike flock to New York City, drawn by the United Nations General Assembly session, the Clinton Global Initiative meeting, movie nights with their peers (maybe not), and so on. Of all the royals present, the new King and Queen of Spain seem to be making the most of their trip, so let's catch up on their sartorial adventures. (Okay, well, her sartorial adventures, really. He wore a suit. And also so did she - uh, spoiler alert? - because this is Serious Business, okay.)

Video: The Queen visits a school in Harlem
Letizia wore this basic suit from Hugo Boss - but hey, it's the color of the moment! I'd say she was right on trend, but I don't think a suit this basic has anything to do with trends. The video above is kind of awkward, but you can hear Letizia speaking English (first time I've ever heard her do that, not that I particularly seek out instances of her speaking), and I know some of you like to know what languages our favorites speak. Which is appropriate, since her visit was focused on teaching Spanish and bilingualism in American schools. (Click here for an article with pictures.)

More meetings were taken wearing a customized Felipe Varela suit with panels on the front and back of grosgrain stripes. Her version differs from the retail version in structure details and also in color, opting for a more subdued hue combination. I really love the panels of grosgrain here, adds so much interest to an otherwise boring suit jacket.
The purple Hugo Boss suit and the retail version of the Felipe Varela suit

I said there was a whole crew of royals in town: Letizia got an opportunity to chat with Queen Máxima too (was it about hair care? I hope it was about hair care).
Máxima, sporting one of her one-shoulder wonders, was in town because she is a special advocate for the Secretary General for inclusive finance.

And finally, while I lied about the movie night thing, there were some occasions for a bit of cocktail dress sparkle. There was a sparkly blue Varela number worn to hang out with the Obamas, and then this little LBD worn at another reception:
Look at the little braid in her hair! Hey, I meant she should talk to Máx about hair care, but if their chat inspired some fun from either one, I'm good with that.

Photos: CasaReal, Hugo Boss, Felipe Varela