24 September 2014

Royal Wedding Anniversary of the Week: September 24

A belated happy anniversary to Princess Astrid of Belgium and Archduke Lorenz of Austria-Este, who celebrated their 30th on Monday! Astrid, daughter of King Albert II and Queen Paola and sister to the current king, and Lorenz, from a branch of the sprawling Habsburg family, married in Belgium on September 22, 1984. This is a wedding dress that's either super 1980s or super 1890s, you be the judge.
Astrid's gown came from Belgian couturier Louis Mies, a confection in taffeta with a 5 meter long train and a high lace neckline. But you're not paying attention to any of that, because SLEEVES. Just SLEEVES, big ol' leg of mutton-style sleeves that end in lace. No chance here you'll lose sight of the royal bride as she waves from the balcony, so there's that.
Video: Clips from the couple's engagement and wedding
Of course, hers isn't the only dated ensemble to come out of this wedding - happens to the best of 'em - just check the number of sweatband/headband/veil setups on the guests in the video above.
Moving past the arms, if you can, Astrid anchored the antique Ruffo di Calabria veil (from her mother's family, worn by Paola and since worn by Astrid's sisters-in-law Mathilde and Claire) with a floral arrangement on the back of her head. Later on, both of those aforementioned sisters-in-law would wear tiaras on their wedding days, but Astrid went without. She did not use a Belgian tiara on that day, and she does not use any Belgian tiaras today - her standard diadem is the Savoy-Aosta Tiara, from her husband's family.
Princess Astrid and Prince Lorenz have five children, the eldest of which was just married this past summer. Astrid takes on a steady roster of royal duties, and while she now opts for many classic pieces, she still loves the occasional eccentric sartorial selection.

Photos: Deradactie video