16 September 2014

Royal Wedding of the Day: September 16

Royal wedding alert! Or, rather, princely/etc./whatever wedding...never mind: WEDDING GOWN!

Princess Maria Theresia of Thurn and Taxis married Hugo Wilson over the weekend in Germany. Maria Theresia is a daughter of the late Johannes, 11th Prince of Thurn and Taxis, and his wife Gloria, a.k.a. the "Punk Princess" (in her earlier years). And it would seem Princess Gloria's penchant for quirky fashion is alive and well with this wedding - in the guests, mostly, as the wedding gown is a little off the beaten path, but also totally classic:
Classic Vivienne Westwood, that is. Westwood's abilities with draping and structure - so that something might look like it's bunching or maybe just about to fall off, but it's not going to do either thing because that's just the wizardry behind her talent with corsetry and underpinnings - is right on form. In addition to those classic Westwood signs, this one is adorned with a floral print and a bustle at the back.
The family does have a selection of tiaras remaining after they auctioned part of their jewel collection, but Maria Theresia opted for a headband-style piece instead. The buttery shades in the fabric do have me wishing the family still had their magnificent pearl tiara in hand (Empress Eugénie's, as worn by Gloria on her wedding day), but perhaps that would have been overkill for this bride.
A gown like this is probably a little too unconventional for some - it's not for everyone, and that's kind of the point - but I can't help but love that she put her own spin on the traditional bridal look. There are oh-so-many cookie cutter white dresses out there, right? Vive la différence!

Photos: Andreas Rentz via Getty Images