31 October 2014

Royal Costume Ideas of the Day: October 31

It's Halloween, kids! I know it's not really a universal holiday, but if you're planning on celebrating and still need a costume idea, I've plucked two outfits from the royal fashion rounds this week that might help you out. Just being servicey here, folks.

Idea #1: How about going as a garden trellis, complete with scattered flowers?
On Day 2 of their state visit to Japan, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima attended a banquet with the Japanese prime minister and his wife.
All you need is a little Jan Taminiau couture, my friends, and you too could be the chicest lawn ornament on the trick-or-treat circuit. As an added bonus, not only is this color scheme universally flattering, it could also be reasonably repurposed for next year's Dolores Umbridge costume.

Idea #2: Are you a fan of the classic film A Christmas Story
Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel visited Estonia this week for events including a dinner hosted by the Swedish ambassador.
Try this dark-toned take on the infamous Leg Lamp! All you need is the cash for a Stella McCartney mini dress, and you're in business. Sequin shoes from Saint Laurent will add some pizazz to the one legged-pose you'll need to strike.
This little number is the perfect option for all your Halloween party needs, because if you're not going to shake it in this dress, you're doing it wrong.

Aren't they just so helpful, our royals? Not only did they give us these two fresh costume ideas, they also saw fit to remind us this week that there's always option #3: Just wear a tiara. Happy Halloween!

Photos: Kazuhiro Nogi/AFP via Getty Images, @Royal_talk, Net-a-porter, Bluefly