01 October 2014

Royal Event of the Day: October 1

The Swedish royal family was out and about yesterday for the opening of parliament. Black and white dress code for the ladies - a modern nod to the outdated (but regally awesome) tradition of wearing court dress for the occasion - it is:
Sofia was there! Prince Carl Philip's fiancée made her parliament debut, which is GREAT because MORE OUTFITS. Her black suit has a pleated detail on the skirt and a pleated peplum on the jacket to tie it in. Theoretically that should be adding interest to an otherwise dull suit, but I think most of that pleating ends up being pretty superfluous. Which is okay because I have just decided that Superfluous Pleating is totally the name of my next band.
Victoria repeated a Paule Ka black and white dress (yeah, it's a dress, not separates) with a bow, and matched it with a black and white bow in her hair. I don't know who she thinks she is, stealing Estelle's hair moves.

Galleries can be found here or here or here, and a video can be found here.

Later, they attended a concert where Sofia wore sleek green and Victoria wore a sequined top that is either really modern and fun or is a total Cosby sweater (or both?), depending on your perspective.
Sofia's green Mouret, Victoria's black and white By Malene Birger
And one final bit of Swedish news: the Swedish court released official photos of the engaged couple this week.
Gorgeous! Summer wedding, I am ready for you.

Photos: SVT video/Paule Ka/Lyst/By Malene Birger/Erika Gerdemark, kungahuset.se