13 October 2014

Royal Outfit of the Day: October 13

This weekend marked another milestone for Felipe VI's reign in Spain: his first National Day as king.
For the parade, Felipe was decked out in uniform, their daughters were dressed in Nanos, and Letizia stuck to her favorite designer, Felipe Varela. The dress has the look of a standard, one of those tweedy/bouclé numbers you might get from vintage Chanel, but Letizia - as always - puts her own twist on the story with a closely tailored fit and a shaped neckline.
The story took an unexpected turn at the back: a different fabric! Which has the unfortunate effect of appearing that they accidentally ran out of the good stuff. I was with her until that plot twist, and now I think I have to crown Felipe the best dressed of the day (if you're going to change out of your uniform for the reception, might as well make it some natty pinstripes, right?).

Photos: Eduardo Parra and Juan Naharro Gimenez via Getty Images