02 October 2014

Royal Outfit of the Day: October 2

So, Máxima's been doing some stuff. And wearing some things. I have three comments regarding one outfit in particular.

Comment #1: Beige is just about the worst color to pair with anything bordering on acid yellow. This is Máxima mixing and matching the jacket and hat she wore to D-Day commemorations (with a floral dress) with a previously worn beige dress. Those two things should have stayed two separate things.
Earlier this week, Queen Máxima opened Micropia Museum.

Comment #2: If you want to get me to have an opinion at all on a bouquet, well, this is the way to do it. Can any of you Dutch speakers hear what she said when presented with this? See the following video (or click here for an alternate one):
You don't have to love her outfit, but you kinda do have to love her little turn to display the bouquet for the photographers. "You're gonna want a picture of this one, guys. TRUST ME."

Comment #3: Those earrings are like...

Okay, one final comment on one additional outfit. We'll part on a nice note.
Yesterday, Máxima opened Markthal in Rotterdam.
Comment #4: This is such a great neckline on her. Super flattering, and all the better to show off those yummy ruby and diamond earrings. Iron out the wrinkles and I'm totally on board with this dress. I have also picked a shot where her shoes aren't included, because I said we were parting on a nice note. You're welcome.

Photos: Michel Porro/Getty Images, Amazon.com