27 October 2014

Royal Outfit of the Day: October 27

The annual Prince of Asturias Awards ceremony (from next year, the Princess of Asturias Awards) usually comes in as one of Letizia's greatest sartorial moments for the year.
This year, I am afraid to say, the streak has been broken. A new Felipe Varela as always, but this shade of blue just seems to fight with its darker overlay. It wants to be allowed to shine on its own, and it won't make do with a few neckline and seam details. You can't keep this blue down like that, man.
From the neck up, however, the Queen is killing it - fab hair, fab Bulgari aquamarine earrings, fab makeup. Maybe I'll just pretend the dress was aquamarine with a silver overlay or something like that. Yeah, I'm going with that.
The Asturias Awards are always a multiple-day event, so allow me to end with one appearance I was fully on board with:
It's the looks-like-separates-but-isn't dress again! With another pair of great earrings and a strut like she's having a good hair day and she knows it, this one was a winner.

Photos: Carlos Alvarez via Getty Images