29 October 2014

Royal Outfit of the Day: October 29

The Canadian Governor-General and his wife have been on a European visit, including a stop in Belgium that included dinner with the King and Queen. They also called on the King and Queen over in the Netherlands, but we won't speak of Máxima's outfit. We will, however, speak of Mathilde's outfit. We will speak LOUDLY of it, because Mathilde looked gooooooood.
Right?! Maybe all this lace of late has just put me in the mood for something sleek and chic, but I'm all.about.this.dress. She's repeating the look worn for this rather *gLaMoRoUs* portrait, which I didn't realize was a gown:
And she capped the accessories at a simple pair of emerald earrings, which was just the way to go for maximum sleekness, while still adding some interesting color.
Love. That's all.

Oh! And:
The commemorations of World War I continued yesterday in Nieuwpoort, Belgium.
We'll add in one royal gathering (with the Grand Duke of Luxembourg and Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands), just for good measure. Somber yet elegant, just as it should be.

Photo: Belgian Monarchy/FPS Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Michel Gronemberger