06 October 2014

Royal Outfit of the Day: October 6

Well, well, well. Some of you were discussing how you wished that Carolina Herrera's designs were seen more often on the royal scene on Friday's post. This was followed up by that Hello! article I included in Sunday Tidbits (oh yes, new feature debuted this weekend) which mentioned that Princess Charlene was dressed by Ms. Herrera for her recent trip to New York City. And now, Letizia gives us this:
The King and Queen attended an awards dinner in Madrid on Friday.
The designer of this little number? None other than Carolina Herrera. And it's sooooo pretty.
Pretty pretty pretty. Dainty and flippy and just a tad sparkly, paired with Magrit shoes, a fancy 'do, ruby earrings and one RED pair of lips.

There's a video above for you, featuring some good shots of the back of Letizia's hair, plus plenty of bearded Felipe. (Because I know some of you are into that and I got your back.) He's sporting the vest with his tux, which really feels like he's going the extra prom night mile.
Anyway, Letizia had a couple good pink turns last week (both Felipe Varela: one that I would love without the belt flowers, and another that's a classic), but none turned my head quite like this. An abundance of this designer is a royal trend I can get behind.

Photos: Fotonoticias via Getty Images, and Neiman Marcus