20 October 2014

Royal Outfits of the Day: October 20

Queen Mathilde has been a busy bee lately. Let's catch up with a few of her sartorial highlights, shall we?

Together with King Philippe and Princess Elisabeth, who delivered a poised speech in each of the three national languages of Belgium, Mathilde attended a special service commemorating World War I. (Click here for a video of Elisabeth's speech, or here for a gallery.)
The Queen wore a blue gray coat from Natan, which was flattering in the way that these types of silhouettes are generically flattering. That sounds like damning with faint praise, I know, but I did like it - perfectly soft and muted for the occasion.

Prior to that, there was a run of printed day dresses, and it's no surprise that I'd argue the most successful of them all was a classic Diane von Furstenberg printed wrap dress.
Another generically flattering, classic-for-a-reason piece, but they usually suit her particularly well. A big geometric print was a good fit for an engagement involving design, anyway.

And finally, an evening look to ponder, for the Autumn Concert at the palace.
A black lace dress from Marc Philippe Coudeyre with big earrings and a lining that makes me do a double take. Do a double take and then promptly giggle, of course, because Mathilde of all people would have a lining firmly in place.
Also double take worthy: Princess Claire (on the other side of the King) and that top, which seems to be sparkly only on the front. If you're going to bring the disco, bring it all the way or don't bother, I say.

Photos: RTL video, @MonarchieBe, Diane von Furstenberg, Mark Renders via Getty Images