28 October 2014

Royal Outfits of the Day: October 28

Is it, like, Official Colored Lace Week or something? I'm starting to wonder.

Take Victoria, for example. A lace-topped gown followed by this Erdem dress on Friday, worn to receive the President of Pakistan:
The dress is more navy than this particular glimpse makes it appear (here's another look), and navy is better than electric blue as far as lace goes, methinks. But still, this criss-cross business on the top is a little dubious.

And then, Friday night, Victoria wore Flowy Dress with Intricate Top #2 for the formal gathering of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Science. Which is a white tie occasion, but without tiara.
This one looks like it's sequins in a lace pattern instead, but the effect is the same so I'm counting it. (Official Colored Lace and Lace-Type Things Week. Catchy.) I'm all for two new gowns in a week, but...I'll take Flowy Dress with Intricate Top #1 over this one any day.

Photo: Kungahuset.se, Erdem