09 October 2014

Royal Outfits of the Day: October 9

First, a programming note: No Tiara Thursday post today. I know, it's a bummer. Instead, I offer you a grab bag of recent (recent-ish...) appearances from some of our leading ladies:

Mary's been really busy lately. Lots of standard fare in the outfit department, with a couple standouts. This gray sheath is really elegant, although it might be crossing the line into too simple territory?
Video: Crown Princess Mary attended the 25th anniversary celebration of registered partnerships for same-sex couples in Denmark
She was in a bit of a simple sheath mood, also sporting a purple number with leopard print shoes as a fun little accent.

Of course, there's animal print and then there's ANIMAL PRINT, and if you want the caps lock version then you need to talk to the caps lock queen.
Queen Máxima visited a social employment agency this week.
I'm suddenly feeling nostalgic for simple gray sheath dresses.

Good thing we can always count on Mathilde to serve as a tranquil tonic to whatever else comes our way, right?
Queen Mathilde accompanied King Philippe on a visit to the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe last week.  
She's making good use of all these similar dresses she ordered, and I'm okay with her making this her signature collar style. She makes it regal.

One more for the road:
Queen Letizia attended the annual Red Cross Fundraising Day yesterday.
I'm developing a serious weakness for a great windowpane print, but I think I'm loving this. It keeps with her style, and yet it's not a plain gray business suit. Yeah, put me down for a thumbs up.

Photos: Michel Porro/Wire Image, Mark Renders, and Europa Press, all via Getty Images