08 October 2014

Royal Parliament Opening of This Week: October 8

Yesterday was Denmark's turn on the parliament merry-go-round. As per usual, they brought basically the full working contingent of Danish royals, including the Queen, the Prince Consort, the Crown Prince, the Crown Princess, Prince Joachim, Princess Marie, and Princess Benedikte. Here, there is no royal speech; instead, the Queen and her family sit and listen while trying with all their might not to let their facial expressions slip into something they might later regret.
Video: The royal family's arrival, wind struggles included
Most of the ladies stuck to their usual playbooks: Margrethe in a repeat, Benedikte in a combination of things that wouldn't work on anyone else (that over-sized coat thing, that necklace!), Marie just a notch short of a true success (lose the netting on the hat, maybe? Something's just a bit off).
The exception here was Mary, who chose to tear a page out of someone else's playbook. The pillbox perched on the back of the head to cover the hair, the simple coat...dye that hair blonde, and I'd swear Mette-Marit had fled to Denmark just for the chance to attend a parliament opening. I like the back of the head thing when M-M does it, and I like it here too, so that's a well played from me. Et toi?

Photo: BT video