14 October 2014

Royal State Visit of the Day: October 14

As promised, state visit season has kicked off, and the Norwegian royal family welcomed the President of India yesterday.
Alongside the gentlemen in uniform and Princess Astrid doing her best to bring back the drop waist, Queen Sonja and Crown Princess Mette-Marit were in a hat-off - Sonja displaying the standard positioning for a pillbox, and Mette-Marit doing as she does and disappearing hers at the back of her head.
It's a standard Mette-Marit move for a standard Mette-Marit outfit, including a repeated textured coat in a mauve/lavender color and dark hosiery, with some serious earrings. She seems to have saved her surprises for the evening's state banquet, at which she wore a sort of a cape. A CAPE!
It was actually a redo of another caped look, the dress she wore to Princess Madeleine's wedding last summer, but with a different cape and a belt added. The dress is bespoke Pucci.
Well, you know me. Any hint of a CAPE and I'm all in, no matter how much it looks like a simple shawl in peril of falling right off. I declare it an excellent start to our tiara-filled season!

Photos: MSN Video, Ragnar Singsaas via Getty Images