16 October 2014

Royal Visit of the Day: October 16

Sometimes people dream up some pretty intricate scenarios of coordination between royal ladies before a joint event, all for the purposes of coordinating their outfits. And sometimes it's nice to have confirmation that that isn't necessarily the case. Because when the Spanish visited the Dutch yesterday for an introductory visit, we ended up with two royal ladies doing exactly what they would normally do, without special accommodations for each other. Letizia doesn't usually do hats and gloves (foreign royal weddings being one exception) - it's not the royal norm in Spain, and she has not made special exception for any of her other introductory visits - and Máxima does. And that's what we have here.
King Felipe, King Willem-Alexander, Queen Letizia, and Queen Máxima
The thing is, sticking to what they each do best doesn't leave me with much to root for here. Letizia is in her best color, but the added casual detail of the collar and trim brings this Felipe Varela dress down several notches. Máxima, in a Natan ensemble and necklace, is at it once again with the too matchy-matchy stuff (if she doesn't already have an entire closet devoted to all her different colors of gloves, she's going to need one soon). Also, I think her necklace is trying to murder us.
That leaves me not on Team Máx or Team Leti, but on Team Earring. Nice big diamonds from the Dutch, diamonds and rubies from the Spanish - Letizia's one concession to visiting Máxima's home territory. On that front, they were in perfect harmony.

Photos: Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images