12 October 2014

Sunday Tidbits for October 12: Tiaras on the Horizon, Plus More

Welcome back to Sunday Tidbits Vol. 2, the second edition of our new weekly feature! Random links and assorted information coming right up...

--BRACE YOURSELVES: Tiaras are in our future. Now that we're done with the fall parliament opening season, we're heading into fall state visit season. This week, Norway welcomes India for a state visit (and they'll host a gala for parliament, which is a tiara event). In the weeks to come, Britain hosts Singapore, the Dutch will head out to South Korea and Japan, and more. Felipe and Letizia will also be picking back up with their introductory visits (which are not tiara occasions, but still), starting by calling on Willem-Alexander and Máxima this week. Obviously we'll do our best to cover as much of it here as we can.

--Regarding that state visit from Singapore, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are scheduled to take part in the official welcome. (Kate's attendance is obviously dependent on her illness.) But they are not on the schedule for the state banquet, so no tiara. [Express]

--Hello mag asks, "What has the Countess of Wessex done?" Just remembered she left the house with her scrunchie still in, I expect. [Hello]

--Sheikha Mozah was out and about in Valentino and I am going to have to sound the outfit flop alarm. I mean, an innovative alteration from the runway, sure, but...no. [Sheikha Mozah Fashion]

--The Princess of Asturias has a new wax figure, to join the waxworks of her father and some other lady who bears no resemblance to her mother. Here's the thing: Wax figures are TERRIFYING. Always. Why do they make them? Why do people go and see them? These are the real questions. [Hello]

--Christie's will auction the Feuilles de Groseillier brooch, which belonged to Empress Eugénie. Like so many pieces with French crown jewel heritage, it was once part of a larger parure that was broken apart and sold off after the monarchy was done away with. One wonders if the Louvre will be able to acquire it in one way or another, as they have done with similar pieces (such as Empress Eugénie's Pearl and Diamond Tiara and the Duchess of Angoulême's Emerald Tiara). [The Jewellery Editor]

--The Hereditary Grand Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg have been in Asia. Her outfits aren't anything to write home about, but Stéphanie's curtsey game is strong. [Luxemburger Wort]

--Staying in Japan for a moment: Last week, we discussed the wedding of Princess Noriko. This week, there was a banquet for the newlyweds which included the Crown Prince and Crown Princess. Masako looked happy and the bride wore a little diamond embellishment in her hair, and that's pretty much all you need from an event like this. [Imperial Family of Japan Blog]

--From Andrew Prince, creator of costume tiaras used on Downton Abbey, comes a line of bridal tiaras just for you. "Tiaras are the most useless and the most fantastic," he says. "YAAAASSSSS," I reply. [New York Post]

--Queen Silvia repeated a gown in my very favorite color but it still gives me a slight case of Skeptical Estelle Face. Shine plus black embellishments? Hmmm. She and the King were at the Birgit Nilsson Prize Ceremony, and I read that as Brigitte Nielsen first, which would be a whole different thing. [Svensk Damtidning]

--Love this write up from Patricia Treble on the breathtaking poppy installation at the Tower of London. The Queen will visit on Thursday. [MacLean's]

--Speaking of QEII, she is back from her Balmoral break, hanging out with Angelina Jolie and such, and that means the Jewel Vault blog is up and running once more. FYI, y'all.

And finally, here's your reminder that you are welcome to use this post for your off topic and personal musings throughout the week! Enjoy.