17 October 2014

Tiara Watch of the Day: October 17

Oooh, I love it when we get to end the week on a tiara note. And the Norwegians provided last night, getting their tiaras out for the second time in a week to host their annual gala banquet for parliament. Crown Princess Mette-Marit turned up in a familiar look:
It's the return of the dress worn for last year's Dutch inauguration! This time, with her Norwegian order and her tiara in place (the Diamond Daisy, of course). It's an unusual dress, isn't it? Many of you commended her last year for wearing a dress that was reminiscent of Delftware to an important Dutch event, but the pattern fits right in with this ornately painted Scandinavian room too. There's a lot of pattern here, though. This might be the rare patterned dress that actually works better with the sash from an order in place, as it breaks up that solid wall of print.
That solid wall of print is probably why the dress was shown in a short version on the runway. It is, of course, bespoke Valentino.
So, which do you prefer? Version 2013 or Version 2014? Me, I would like to see Version 2013 with a tiara in place, because I always vote for tiaras and yet I love the color of that Dutch sash on this background. It just pops.

Also included: Princess Astrid, wearing her turquoise tiara from Queen Alexandra and the same dress she wore to the state banquet earlier this week, which also happens to be the same dress/tiara combination she wore to this event last year. Astrid's not bothered.

Worth a look for sparkle from Queen Maud's Pearl and Diamond Tiara, worn by Queen Sonja, and from the wee Diamond Daisy Tiara. It may disappear on photographs, but it does its duty in action.

Photos: Dagbladet video, Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images, Style.com