17 November 2014

Royal Outfit of the Day: November 17

I basically never get this dressed up for anything. So the fact that Máxima gets this dressed up to, uh, cut some cheese is delightful from the start.
Last week, Queen Máxima had a day of engagements including opening a new building for a cheese company.
This is half of an outfit we've seen on her before, last time pairing the gold top with trousers as per the Natan model (left, below) and this time pairing it with a burgundy pencil skirt and burgundy and gold accessories, including brooches by an Argentine designer. And while it does still have the air of the Mad Men maternity department (maybe she was just planning on sampling as much as possible at the cheese place - can't blame her for that), I do find the skirt to be an improvement.
The hat, were it an actual pillbox, would have also constituted an improvement. Alas...
It's more of a life preserver than a donut this time, wouldn't you say? It's a safety measure, guys, jeez.

Photos: RVD video, Natan, Noordhollands Dagblad video