25 November 2014

Royal Outfits of the Day: November 25

How about a grab bag of recent royal outfits today? A grab bag specifically from our new and new-ish group of queen consorts. Let's do it:

I've been thinking about it, and I've decided that Queen Mathilde might be the most Diane Lockhart-esque out of our new batch of queens. And this little number above has Diane written all over it. (It's possible that I've been catching up on The Good Wife and admiring all that expensive fancy lawyer work wear, yes.)
Queen Mathilde and King Philippe visited Cerfontaine last week.
Not all the time, mind you. Big color and big volume? Not so much.

Queen Máxima and King Willem-Alexander attended a concert on Friday.
I'm also going to give this one a not so much. Has potential, but the (lack of) finishing details are everything.

Queen Letizia attended a conference in Rome last week.
This passes muster, I think. It does, however, look like it used to be a crop top, and then someone realized that pope was going to be hanging around, and decided to fill in that middle section right quick.
He seems to dig it.

Letizia wasn't quite done with the red:
King Felipe and Queen Letizia celebrated the anniversary of the Spanish National Research Council yesterday.
The orange-ness of this red is testing my  love of Letizia in red. Never mind what I said about the ex-crop top, I'll take that one instead, thanks.

Photos: @MonarchieBe/Mark Renders, Michel Porro, Franco Origlia, Vatican Pool, and Europa Press via Getty Images