05 November 2014

Royal State Visit of the Day: November 5

I said Máxima brought it during the Dutch state visit to Japan, but I think she might have left it there. Because next up, she and Willem-Alexander paid a state visit to South Korea and, sartorially speaking, it was...questionable. Yesterday I was exclamation pointy, today I'm question marky.
She chose a Mattijs van Bergen dress for the welcome ceremony, just as she did in Japan, but this one...I don't know? I like the silhouette, and I don't mind a wrap when it's, uh, well wrapped, I guess.
Maybe I'm just not one for bright brights paired with khaki beige. Meh.

Then came the state banquet and - sad face - it was only the sort that requires suit and tie for him and a knee-length dress for her. No tiaras, no gowns. Plenty of question marks, though, thanks to the curious texture of this Jan Taminiau dress. From afar, it's kind of mermaid-y. From close up...?? Once again, I don't know. The link in the tweet below will take you to a closer look.
I think you already know that the only thing here earning my explanation points are the diamond bow brooches in her hair, basic dress code be damned. MAX!

For the final day, a special hat was brought back to life. This one was worn for the christening of one of the couple's daughters.
Special, but also a whole lot of stuff on top of your head. I mean...a lot of stuff, piled right up there on top. Right? Too much stuff. (Click here for a gallery.)

And for the final evening, that surplus of stuff traveled to her shoulders. Feathers. I'm talking about feathers.
Máxima does Swan Lake? Oh, the question marks.

Photos: Chung Sung-Jun and Pool via Getty Images, @BlauwBloedtv, NOS video, @KHtweets