13 November 2014

Royal Visit of the Day: November 13

Is it just me, or was yesterday's introductory visit brought to you by some classic movie flashbacks?
The King and Queen of Spain paid an introductory visit to the King and Queen of the Belgians.
I mean, Letizia's serving up a Sound of Music silhouette, complete with braided 'do for extra folksy charm, and Mathilde's feathery headband and hairstyle are throwing me back to a Breakfast Club post-makeover moment.
I do love a good flashback, but neither of these are flipping my skirt. As much as I love an updo, I think Letizia's takes this a little too far into costume territory. And as much as I love a strong green coat, Mathilde's quintuple button closure - which I imagine was added for extra interest - leaves me thinking they left some other design element off.
Well, at least I know what's on the list for my next movie marathon.

Photos: Mark Renders via Getty Images