04 November 2014

Tiara Watch of the Day: November 4

There will come a day when Tiara Season is over. Thanks be to the Tiara Gods, today is not that day! Legit jumpy claps when I saw this pop up on the twitters:
Luxembourg busted out their tiaras to host a state visit from Germany! Excellent. But believe it or not, the dresses are winning most of my affection here. (Actually, it's totally believable, isn't it. Those tiaras - the Topaz/Citrine and Pearl Tiara for the Grand Duchess and an amethyst bandeau for the Hereditary Grand Duchess - are present but aren't exactly scene stealers.)
For St├ęphanie, a purple lace Diane von Furstenberg gown (per Luxarazzi, which also offers more info on this state visit) with accompanying bonus points for anything purple. For Maria Teresa, a mix-and-match bespoke look from Elie Saab Fall 2012 Couture. The gowns that spawned the one MT wears are among my favorites from his recent couture collections, and I'm feeling very exclamation pointy about seeing the look come to life. Exclamation point!

Photos: MyTheresa, Style.com