01 December 2014

Royal Outfit of the Day: December 1

Last week, another academy formal gathering was held in Sweden - there are a few of these, and they usually entail a white tie dress code, but the royal ladies leave their tiaras at home. We need to talk about Victoria's dress.
It seems to be Escada, one of her favorite labels, from the Spring/Summer 2013 collection. And I'm just not sure about this one - I think the sash at the shoulder isn't doing the draping any favors, but the potential for elegance is there. I also just really want to like it, because I haven't found much of note in Victoria's outfits in the past couple weeks. (Click here for a gallery including this event and plenty of other recent Swedish events.)
What I do know is that I love Victoria in a nice strong blue color, and any association this dress can draw to notable blue gowns of the past (as seen below) is a very strong entry in the pro column.

Photos: Escada, Mattias Edwall / The Royal Court, Sweden