02 December 2014

Royal Visit of the Day: December 2

Some people have a serious pet peeve about coat length being shorter than skirt length. I am not one of those people. Except, maybe, for right here, which looks like a random weather-necessitated pairing more than anything else:
The King and Queen of Spain went on an introductory visit to Germany yesterday.
Must have been a wee bit chilly in Germany yesterday, because in multiple photos poor Letizia is clutching her scarf for dear life, and she's got that look on her face like she can't feel her fingers anymore, but she's just going to power through it anyway. So I'll let the hem thing slide and simply commend her for dressing to showcase the display of Spanish and German flags.
Once the coat was ditched, the whole thing made a lot more sense:
This entire outfit (except the shoes) comes from Hugo Boss - one of Letizia's favorite labels, but also one that happens to be a German company. Not so random after all, it turns out. Sneaky Letizia.
All Hugo Boss except the shoes, which are CH Carolina Herrera

Photos: Sean Gallup via Getty Images, Hugo Boss, Carolina Herrera