05 December 2014

Royal Wedding Anniversary of the Day: December 5

Mathilde d'Udekem d'Acoz married the Duke of Brabant on December 4, 1999.
These two royal lovebirds celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary yesterday!

More video: Part 2, Part 3
We refreshed our look at Mathilde's Natan wedding gown last year, before Philippe took the throne. So today, in addition to some video, we have a sampling of some of the guests at this wedding.

The cozy December affair brought a number of classy winter wedding ensembles from the royal guests - not about the flash, but about rich materials and hats. With brims and everything. Kind of a nice change every now and then from the more, uh, inventive stuff we see these days.

Grand Duchess Joséphine-Charlotte of Luxembourg, the King and Queen of the Belgians
Like Queen Paola, for example. That's a queen's outfit, right there. Not a particularly fun color, but elegant to the end. And showing off the true advantage of a wide brim hat, allowing those that missed the hat trend to hide behind (yes, that's the rather hat-allergic Queen Sofia back there).

Princess Astrid of Belgium and husband Archduke Lorenz of Austria-Este
The abundance of fabulous materials has me saying something I usually don't get to say: I think Princess Astrid, sister of the groom, might be my best dressed guest. I'm all about that fur draped over that suit and the jaunty contrasting angle on the hat. All about it.

The then-Hereditary Grand Duke and Hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxembourg
Maria Teresa got the memo. She looks cozy and chic.

Queen Silvia of Sweden
Silvia's hat is veering a little close to summer material, I'd say, but she pulls it off.

The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, Queen Fabiola of Belgium
Joséphine-Charlotte makes neutrals into a little something extra with her choice of fabric, and Fabiola makes hats into a little something extra with her addition of a baby blue Big Bird right on top. Fabiola knows we need someone to bring the feathery goodness, otherwise it just wouldn't be a royal wedding. (Update: Hours after this was posted, it was announced that Fabiola passed away today at the age of 86.)

You know who also would never let us down on the feather front?
The Queen of Denmark
Ah, Daisy. It takes a proper queen to pull off the smushed up raven headdress. Gotta love her!

Photos: Via Getty Images, as indicated