19 December 2014

Year in Review: Mathilde, Letizia, and Mary's 2014 Bests

Our first batch of year end bests was hard to choose, but our second batch was eeeaassyyyyyy.

Queen Mathilde
Mathilde's luscious velvet number, worn to a dinner for the visiting Governor-General of Canada, is easily one of the most agreed upon dresses we've featured here and an easy pick for my favorite Mathilde outfit all year long. So much a favorite, actually, I'm having trouble even remembering anything else.

Queen Letizia
Her sublime white proclamation ensemble was instantly memorable and historical and all that jazz, but in the end, this Carolina Herrera gown with a perfect tiara pairing worn to the first state banquet of Felipe's reign easily surpassed it in my book (and maybe only in my book; opinions were pretty well split on this initial outing). If my patience ran low with the multitude of other lace ensembles we've seen in the past weeks, it's because my heart already belonged to this one. This was the year that Letizia got to know Carolina Herrera's designs, and I'm hoping for more of that (and less drawstring casual pants - easily my vote for her worst of the year) in 2015.

Crown Princess Mary
Another one so great I don't even have a runner up. (I do have a worst though, because I'm still puzzled by her strangely enormous shirt dress for the family summer photocall.) This sparkly navy Jesper Høvring gown worn to the BAMBI Awards was a moment of splendor to be sure. Perfection.

Your turn: Favorites for these three this year?

Photos:  @GGDavidJohnston, Pool and Matthias Mareyek via Getty Images, Carolina Herrera