22 December 2014

Year in Review: Máxima and Victoria's 2014 Bests

I hear some people like to see things they find relatable when it comes to their royal fashion watching. Something applicable to their own daily lives. Not me, man. Give me the stuff I can only dream about, any day. And it just so happens that both of the bests we have today are the stuff of princess dreams.

Queen Máxima
Once again forcing me - forcing me - to break my current policy to try and stick with official events, Máxima's amazing Jan Taminiau ensemble for her brother's wedding just can't be ignored. It's so dreamy!
The bigger the gown, the better her sartorial work. (My runner up for her best of the year: the slight redo of her butterscotch Jan Taminiau gown worn when Sweden came calling). We can still count on that one fact, despite a multitude of contenders for her worst of the year (my vote would have to go to that ill-advised jumpsuit).

Crown Princess Victoria
It's funny, I think, that both of these over the top bests belong to women that fall into that same sartorial category of extreme highs coupled with extreme lows (when they were good, they were very very good...but when they were bad, they were horrid). I had a few candidates for Victoria's worst of the year (never forget the Duct Tape Disco Incident) and not nearly enough candidates for her best (runner up: that colorful Preen dress). She gave us more repeats of one dress than I think we've ever seen before in a year, wearing the same H&M dress in two different colors for multiple occasions. But just when we'd lost all hope for variety, she pulls out a Nobel dress of epic proportions.
I mean...
Come on! My inner 6 year old wouldn't have it any other way.

Your turn:

What are you naming the Best of 2014 for Victoria and Máxima?

Photos: Getty Images; Jonathan Nackstrand/AFP via Getty Images