29 January 2015

Royal Event Speculation of the Day: January 29

I have no Tiara Thursday post for you today - I know, tragic - but I can offer you the hope of some real live tiaras in action not too far in the future.

Queen Margrethe II is turning 75 in April, and if there's one thing those Danes know how to do right, it's a birthday celebration. Her 70th birthday, back in 2010, was a huge royal event with plenty of foreign royal attendance and three separate tiara events. (Three!) (And I covered them here, here, and here.) I don't know if this year's festivities will be quite so grand, but the schedule was released this week and there is some tiara potential in the mix. I also don't know if she will be joined by such a large gathering of foreign royals this year, but my guess is we will see Princess Benedikte and Queen Anne-Marie's families, plus a showing from the other Scandinavian royal families, at least.

Here's the schedule:

March 25: A new exhibit on the Queen will open at Frederiksborg Palace, Hendes Majestæt Dronningen 75 år – En dragtkavalkade, a "costume cavalcade" as the translation tells me. Anything involving her gowns would be well worth a look if you can get there.

April 8: A gala concert in Aarhus, which will apparently also include foreign official guests. A gala performance was also held in 2010:

April 15: A gala banquet at Christiansborg Palace. Again, a banquet at Christiansborg was part of the festivities in 2010:

April 16: This is Her Majesty's actual birthday. The family will make a balcony appearance during the day and there will be a luncheon at Copenhagen's City Hall. In the evening, there will be a dinner at Fredensborg Palace. And once again, something similar occurred in 2010:

Will we see similar majesty this year? Ehhhh, I dunno. But my fingers and my toes are already crossed.

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Source: Kongehuset