26 January 2015

Royal Head Sculpture of the Day: January 26

Well, well, well. The Benelux party antennae ride again.
King Philippe and Queen Mathilde attended the opening of Mons 2015, 
the European Capital of Culture
First Queen Máxima (in the darker version), now Queen Mathilde. An inevitable progression. I always hope something will break the chain, and I am always wrong.
Click here for a video.
The rest of this cream outfit does seem to have some potential, but that's not what we're looking at. Actually, I'm looking at the people surrounding Mathilde and thinking it's pretty lucky that both she and Máxima are fairly tall. I mean, put this on someone of QEII's height and somebody's gonna get an antenna to the eye.
Safety hazards aside, you do have to admire her dedication to giving us something wacky to start the week. Oh, Mathilde.

Photos: Benoit Doppagne/AFP via Getty Images, Deradactie video