16 January 2015

Royal Outfit of the Day: January 16

I thought this was quite cute:
The Duchess of Cambridge visited Barlby Primary School yesterday. 
Granted, I liked it more at first glance when I thought it was a coat (it's a dress) with pockets (they're just flaps) in black (it's navy) (navy with black accessories, to be exact). I'm forever getting tiny first glances of things via social media and then finding out they're something completely different later on, usually to my disappointment. I suppose I could quit looking (ha) or quit judging (HA), but instead I think I'll plead ignorance and pretend everything's just the way I wanted it to be in my head.
The shift dress is from Madderson London, a new brand for Kate.
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And in my head, I thought this was quite cute.

Photos:  Chris Jackson via Getty Images, Madderson London